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Welcome to Motley Kennels.

About our facility
We are a small operation located south of Kansas City on the Missouri/Kansas border. We raise both long and smooth coat Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers. We breed to the AKC standard. Our puppies are either AKC or APRI registered. We love our dogs and their health means the world to us. All of our puppies are raised in the living area of our home. With this in mind your puppy will be accustomed to everyday life. This is our hobby as well as our passion. We are dedicated to giving all our dogs and puppies the very best in nutrition, mental stimulation, socialization, and medical care. Our puppies are dewormed every 2 weeks and are current on their vaccinations at time of purchase. We start our puppies on litter box training. We are proud of our facility and welcome you to come and take a look for yourself. We offer references. We have a substantial amount of puppies scattered out over the United States including Texas and Colorado. If you are looking for a quality Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier puppy that is well adjusted please consider one of ours. Feel free to subscribe to our website and we will send you e-mails of the new litters we have. We submit videos to YouTube from time to time. Motley Kennels is a member of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association and we are licensed with the state of Missouri.
Don't forget to check out our Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale in the appropriate category: Chihuahua puppies available or Yorkie Puppies available.

The Chihuahua is a good companion dog. Courageous, extremely lively, proud and adventurous, they enjoy affection. They are loyal and become attached to their owners. They are very devoted to their owners, though usually only choose one or two "favorites". Not only do they give affection, they in turn demand it. They are intelligent, learn quickly, and respond well to proper, firm but gentle (positive reinforcement) training. Households with older children are preferred, as they can be injured easily by younger children. They are also not recommended for being in a home with small children (unless raised with them) as they may resort to biting in self-defense. However here at Motley Kennels we have several Chihuahuas that are doing well with kids that they have grown up with. Chihuahua's who are their human's pack leader tend to be fairly dog-aggressive. They are good little dogs for apartment life. The Chihuahua likes warm weather and dislikes the cold. They need space just like any other dog.
The AKC recognizes two different variations of coats: The smooth, short-haired coat should be gently brushed occasionally or simply wiped over with a damp cloth. The long coat should be brushed daily with a soft bristle brush. Bathe both types about once per month, taking care not to get water in the ears. Check the ears regularly and keep the nails trimmed. This breed is an average shedder.
The Chihuahua is one of the top 20 most popular dog breeds in the United States.
The largest litter a female Chihuahua has ever given birth to is 10 puppies! The average sized litter is 1 to 3!
Chihuahua’s brains are the largest of any breed, when compared to the size of their bodies.
Famous Bloodlines of the Chihuahua: Davishall, Ouachitah, Ouachitah Beau Chiene, Dartan, Hurd, Heatherly, Schroeder, Pittore, Collin-Dells, Stonehill, Jo-El, Maximillion, Stonehill Goround. We have several of these in our lines here at Motley Kennels.

The Chihuahua is a good companion dog. Courageous, extremely lively, proud and adventurous, they enjoy affection. Brave, cheerful and agile, Chihuahuas can be strong-willed without proper human leadership. They are loyal and become attached to their owners.
Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkie)
Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkie) seem oblivious of their small size. They highly energetic, brave, loyal, clever and very eager for adventure. Owners who take the time with their dog, the Yorkie is a wonderful companion! Affectionate with their master, but if humans are not this dog's pack leader, they can become suspicious of strangers and aggressive to strange dogs and small animals. Like other small breeds, Yorkshire Terriers have a super-sized confidence. Yorkies are easy to train, although they can sometimes be stubborn if owners do not give the dog proper boundaries. They can be difficult to house break. (Although, here at Motley Kennels we have very good reviews.) The Yorkie is an excellent watchdog. They are very sweet and loving and can be trusted with children. These are truly sweet little dogs that need owners who understand how to give them gentle leadership. If you own a Yorkie who does not display any of the negative behaviors, congratulations for being a good pack leader.
The Yorkie is a good dog for apartment life. They are very active indoors and will do okay without a yard. The Yorkie is sensitive to the cold and prefers warm climates.
These are active little dogs need a daily walk. I personally take one of our Yorkies when I go on a walk even though we raise both Chihuahuas and Yorkies; they keep me moving at a good pace. Play will take care of a lot of their exercise needs, however, as with all breeds; it will not fulfill their primal instinct to walk. Dogs that do not get to go on daily walks are more likely to display behavior problems.
Regular grooming is needed. A clipped coat needs daily to weekly combing and brushing. Topknot is usually tied back with ribbon. Full show coats need hours of grooming and pet owners usually choose to clip them short giving them a shaggy look. They should have their teeth cleaned regularly. This breed sheds little to no hair. We prefer the puppy cut.
The life expectancy of the Yorkshire terrier is approximately 12-15 years.
Yorkshire Terrier is an energetic, brave, loyal and adventurous dog. Yorkie always wants to please its owner. It is a very intelligent breed and learns quickly. This is an indoor pet and is a good choice for city and apartment life. It needs training to get friendly with younger children. Caution is advised with small pets such as rabbits, birds, rats etc. because of the breed’s hunting instincts.

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